SEO & Google AdWords Certified Consultant In Connecticut


SEO & Google AdWords Certified Freelance Consultant For Connecticut Small Businesses


Professional SEO Services, Google AdWords Certified, Social Content Creation & Posting, WordPress SEO, and Maintenence.

With over 12 solid years of experience in Search Engine Optimization and Google AdWords, I can meet the needs of your business by providing the best possible SEO, Content Creation/Curation/Scheduling for more traffic and brand awareness, and use my Google AdWords certified management & optimization skills to meet your business goals. I have years of professional experience with SEO and AdWords from start-ups to small and medium sized businesses.

Will utilize my knowledge, analytical skills, and expertise to manage Google Adwords and SEO campaigns and perform other digital marketing tasks for businesses large or small in Connecticut.

With Google’s heavy organic focus on local search, mobile search, high-quality inbound marketing content, site speed, user experience and targeted long-tail local keywords, Google is providing key SEO opportunities for businesses to increase their search engine results rankings and obtain greater targeted user traffic.

My Local SEO services deliver results in Google’s search engine rankings you require to grow and expand your business. I can optimize your site’s SEO structure for Local SEO, get you into the Google Top 3 “Snack Pack” and submit your business to trusted Local Citation SEO Directories and Aggregators.

Your website must be SEO-ed according to Google’s guidelines both on-page and off page. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly because more users search Google on their mobile phones today than their desktops computers.

Your website needs to be fast and organized properly with excellent content as well be pleasing to the eye so your visitors dwell on your website and click on other pages of your website toward an ultimate lead or conversion.

I recommend using WordPress for your site. WordPress is SEO and Mobile-Friendly as well as easily scalable and very east to post to. Plus it is a free content management system used by millions of websites big and small.

Here are some additional SEO techniques I use to rank high for my clients.

I charge $40/hour.  I do not have locked-in long-term contracts. I work on a retainer basis so you may secure my services 10 hours a week or on a monthly basis and cancel at any time.

I perform a technical SEO audit of your site and report every step of the way while I drive SEO or AdWords traffic to your site, focusing on local search and submission to high-quality local citation submission directories which may help you rank high in Google’s search engine results pages. I will also install Google Analytics so you can track where your traffic is coming from. I will install Google Search Console and submit XML-sitemaps to Google.

A typical site may take 4-6 weeks to SEO. Where there is increased competition it may take more time to see the full effect of SEO. Google AdWords results can be seen immediately.

Will provide expert SEO advice on which campaigns, ads, and keywords are working and which ones are not. I will report back as to exactly what I am doing. I keep up with all the latest SEO news and trends and have many resources to turn to to help you achieve your business goals.

SEO, Content Marketing and Google AdWords will only get bigger in the years to come. Google changes its algorithm about several thousand times per year and there are around 0500-5600+ ranking factors.  Let me manage your SEO & AdWords and you can focus on your core business responsibilities.

Please email at or phone me to discuss if I can help you succeed online.

Google AdWords & Local SEO [Infographics]

Google Adwords & Local SEO Infographics

Here is a robust assortment of some Google AdWords and Local SEO Infographics making the rounds.

I very much enjoy reading SEO infographics. I find this manner of communicating information easier to scan than plain text and is conducive to a much faster learning process than video for me.

The combination of excellent information with visually stunning graphics makes it so easier for me to learn almost everything needed to become an expert in Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO, Mobile SEO, Google AdWords, Content Management, WordPress SEO, Site Speed & Plug-Ins including loads of terrific information about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest and Google SEO Ranking Factors.

Many people put great effort into creating these data-filled works of art and we are very lucky to have easy access.  There are so many great infographics in just about any niche imaginable.

Be sure to check out my boards on Of course, if you cannot find the time to sift through all 5,000 to learn new skills, I am available on a freelance consulting basis to perform SEO, AdWords, Content Management or Social profile building for you and your business.


Google AdWords Questions and Answers

Questions I get asked regarding PPC and AdWords.

  • How can I make money from Google Adwords? Hard work, keyword and competitive research and good analytical skills.
  • How do PPC campaigns work? You create campaigns, ad groups and keywords, bid on them, make them as high quality as possible because each element has a Quality Score (QS).
  • How effective is google AdWords? It can be very effective in the right hands.
  • How much do AdWords cost?  However much you are willing to spend and whatever Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) you desire.
  • How much does a google Adwords campaign cost? However much you are willing to spend.
  • How much does AdWords management cost? Some agencies charge 15% of monthly AdWords spend. Outrageous.
  • How much to charge for AdWords management. I charge $25/per hour, others charge less, others charge a lot more.
  • How to contact google AdWords? Google Adwords phone number. 1-866-2GOOGLE


SEO & SEM Questions I Was Once Asked

SEO & SEM Questions I’ve Been Asked

Describe your digital marketing experience relative to social management and development?

Handed the keys to a poorly constructed Google Adwords account on my first day, I built it up to become a major Google advertiser while continually evolving campaigns and channels to increase ROI and ROAS.  An early promoter of SEO after discovering the company websites from organic traffic was zero due to duplicate content penalty by the search engines.  Formed and managed the SEO strategy of link building and content marketing.

What type of digital media experience do you have including display, search, social, and content marketing?

Managed and expanded Google Adwords PPC campaigns and accounts for over nine years for TicketNetwork. Was an early adopter of social media with content marketing. Created, built-up, marketed and managed business accounts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social channels.  12 years experience link building to promote company websites.  3 years experience using and analyzing Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads, Analytics and post scheduling with Hoot Suite and Buffer.  Attended Internet marketing conventions networking and meeting with vendors.  Published content on a daily basis to company’s external news blog.

Please provide an example of a digital marketing implementation that supported strategic initiatives from other departments? In addition, what were your responsibilities or involvement?  

Involved in the start-up and building of TicketNetwork, a major competitor of in the ticket resale industry.  Worked with and distributed concert ticket event on sales and other key news to the marketing, sales, IT and other departments. Created weekly concert ticket on sale list for distribution to all departments to prepare for expected spikes or declines in traffic. Made daily, weekly and yearly sales projections using market research and Google Analytics.

Do you have experience managing all activities related to social advertising? (Please explain)

12+ years of solid Digital & Social Marketing experience implementing and managing SEO, Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook ads. Performed SEM including content creation, keyword and competitor research, link building and scheduling and publishing to social channels.  Viewed as an SEO & Google Adwords expert, I helped construct SEO, SEM, Facebook, and Twitter strategies.  12 years experience with keyword research and development including competitor research with online keyword websites.  Used Google Analytics on a daily basis to analyze website traffic data to build up current channels and discover new ones.