Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization White Papers & PDFs

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization White Papers & PDFs

I enjoy Search Engine Optimization White Papers PDFs. They, along with SEO Infographics have become my go-to standard for finding out the latest trends and changes in the SEO realm.   While I still check many of the SEO blog sites, these PDF’s have become the most detailed way for me to dig deeper into my trade. Studies on SEO and professional opinions on all things Internet related whether the topic is about Social, Local, Mobile, Schema, Competitive Research or PPC these PDFs are in depth and a lot of man hours goes into creating them.

I realize some PDF’s can be a bit sales-oriented, but aside from that, they are usually very attractive with very legible fonts full of graphs, polls, theories, tips, tricks and more that makes the learning experience deeper.

Below are some of my current favorites.


Company Pages Playbook


Facebook Ad Playbook



RSGuide 7 Tools To Become More Productive On Social Media

A-Z of Passing the Google Adwords Exam

Social Media Strategy

PPC 101

SEO Tools

State Of Socia lMedia

Customer Analytics

SEO, PPC, Social Media & Internet Marketing Free PDFs

I’ve found myself addicted to all of these free PDFs that come from SEO companies simply for filling out my Name, Address & Phone in a form.   Just fyi, I do give my real info and the companies rarely bother me.  Win-win!

Although I usually scroll through the PDFs pretty fast, there is a ton of great information here that would really take weeks to absorb.

If you have any other PDFs similar to the ones below, hit me up, I’d love to scroll through them.  I know I got more than the ones below, just havng a bit of a problem finding them.  Hence, this post.





RSGuide_7 Tools To Become More Productive On Social Media



Adobe Digital Trends Report 2015




Digital Marketing Infographics 2015

SEO Services I Provide

This is the type of SEO opportunity that I am a perfect fit for and can really sink my teeth into:

A growing Internet marketing company for search engine optimization and social media services, offering many creative services for building popularity on major search engines and creating buzz through social media channel development.​ We work with both product and service websites, implementing a variety of solutions for small to large businesses, and have some of the most competitive generic terms in top placement for our existing clients.​ We are currently seeking a full-time SEO and Social Media Marketing Specialist in house with 2 to 3 years of experience.​

The candidate for this position will have to be a creative, self motivated person that can be flexible in his or her writing skills for multiple topics, build effective metadata through keyword research, and be able to meet deadlines for current and new client marketing agendas: Building and managing social media campaigns, creating blog reviews, tweeting and posting to Facebook, and managing Pay Per Click campaigns.​ The individual should be able to multitask, to interact with clients at a very fast pace, and to help build an infrastructure for our company to run off of as we grow our client base.​

Responsibilities Will Include:

  • Press release writing
  • Blog writing
  • Being able to write multiple articles on the same topic
  • Development of effective linking strategies
  • Write product details for e-commerce websites
  • An understanding of Google analytics
  • Build effective keyword research
  • Develop applications for Facebook
  • Social media marketing skills for both Facebook and Twitter
  • Create custom reporting through Google Analytics for clients
  • Build creative metadata for search engines
  • Work in Excel spreadsheets
  • Work with Microsoft Word and Notepad
  • Strong client interaction on all SEO and social media topics
  • Check all materials before submitting them for website implementation.​
  • Able to work directly with clients and deliver
  • Work within WordPress back ends
  • Basic HTML skills
  • Must be a team player and able to meet deadlines

What do I post on my blog?? How to connect with blog readers.

What do I post on my blog??

How to connect with your blog’s audience & get more traffic & business conversions.


  • First, your blog should communicate and profile  you and your perspective.
  • Post your musings on spirituality, what inspires you, who has inspired you and what keeps you going.  Post your whole philosophy on life, spirituality, business and hobbies.  Motivate your  audience to keep reading your site.
  • Post creative content that would be highly valued and shared to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other places across the web.  People love Top 10 lists.
  • Share your blog posts to Facebook or LinkedIn post to your blog first and then send out the social signals to get eyeballs, links and traffic.
  • Start with your bio and how you developed your passions or hobbies as well as posting your reactions to press you received over your lifetime.
  • Post about people you have met, networked and interacted with using excerpts and links out to the original material.
  • Do keyword research to target your best keywords and use synonyms.
  • Use the 4-1-1 rule.  For every self-serving marketing post, post something about someone in your network for each of those post 4 meaningful posts about any subject that interests you.
  • Post pictures of yourself and photos you may have taken or had taken of you throughout your life.  Those posts can then be shared to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  But post on your blog first.  Pinterest gets you a lot of traffic.
  • Post videos on your blog, your can host them on Youtube.   Video blog or vlog yourself, your hobbies, your spiritualism, reactions to what you have seen and heard in the news or whatever you have on your mind, what you are thinking about, what lies ahead for you.  Videos are one of the best forms of converting traffic.
  • Posts may be posted twice a week or when you feel inspired.  Save the post as a draft to add to and publish at a later date.
  • Publish on Saturday or Sunday night to get the highest potential exposure.
  • If possible, try to expand on your blog post to reach the 1500 word “sweet spot.”
  • Have guest postings or excerpts of discussions with various people anything to get the reader hooked, coming back and sharing.  Google will like it too.
  • Can post an excerpts of books or your reaction to any press you will get.
  • Post about your business, how it came to your mind, how you started it and where you see it taking you.
  • Use a soft sell to get traffic and slowly funnel the visitors to other posts that make them more curious about  you, your blog and your other websites.  They will share your post with their networks if the subject matters to them.
  • Have links out to posts by your favorite websites, friends and colleagues that occur on their own blogs, articles or in the press.
  • Post full articles of what you have written and have the right to republish.  Repurpose writings you have done to publish on your blog.
  • Use a “this is your life” mentality.  Tell stories on your blog that readers can identify with and captures their attention.  People imaging themselves in your story will make connections with you and come back.
  • Post sidebar links to your sites and sites that inspire and engage you.
  • Have a form or discrete pop-up to let readers enter their email and be alerted to when you have new blog posts.  Email is the second highest type of traffic conversions.
  • Use Google Analytics to track blog readers and see where your best traffic comes from.  Dig deep into analytics to discover your best trafficked pages.
  • Use comments and interact with posters to make more connections.
  • Include social media icons so your readers can easily share out to their networks.
  • Start blogging by using a blogger or WordPress hosted blog, preferably on your own domain name or a subdomain on your business website.
  • Make sure your site is mobile friendly.
  • Post about local topics such as your favorite places to eat, shop, etc.
  • Post your links to your blog on websites, directories, forums and other blogs.
  • Use SEO in an ethical way to make sure your blog stays in Google rankings.