Find SEO & AdWords Consulting Clients

What I Do To Find More SEO & AdWords Consulting Clients

  • Scour legitimate employment websites specifically searching for consulting experts or consulting companies.
  • Update my digital resume regularly and post to LinkedIn, Beyond, Monster, DICE, Zip Recruiter, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, etc.
  • Search Google for my old phone numbers, email addresses, websites and profile names to find profiles, articles, and blogs I may have completely forgotten about.
  • Email and phone every recruiter from the past who had or offered an opportunity for me.
  • Email and contact everyone in my industry and social networks to catch up with them and see if they know of any opportunities.

SEO, PPC, Social Media & Internet Marketing Free PDFs

I’ve found myself addicted to all of these free PDFs that come from SEO companies simply for filling out my Name, Address & Phone in a form.   Just fyi, I do give my real info and the companies rarely bother me.  Win-win!

Although I usually scroll through the PDFs pretty fast, there is a ton of great information here that would really take weeks to absorb.

If you have any other PDFs similar to the ones below, hit me up, I’d love to scroll through them.  I know I got more than the ones below, just havng a bit of a problem finding them.  Hence, this post.





RSGuide_7 Tools To Become More Productive On Social Media



Adobe Digital Trends Report 2015




Best Digital Marketing Infographics I’ve Seen So Far In 2015

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Best SEO / Digital Marketing Infographics of 2015

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