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Why is your SEO ROI better with a local internet marketing company?

Is your local SEO ROI better with a professional and dedicated local firm rather than on over shore SEO company?

  • I’ve spoken to local business owners who hired off shore web developers for cheap prices. Everything seemed good until the owners were then asked to pay for much more for “upkeep” services or SEO services. Some owners do not even have access to their own websites to make changes or updates!!
  • You know where to find and who to call about your local SEO services.
  • Knowing a local SEO professional is easy to reach  24×7 is a comfort that your SEO handled correctly.
  • A local SEO knows the local area and mostly already has many local social and SEO contacts.
  • Local SEO prices are now comparable to offshore web development and SEO prices.
  • A local SEO is not going to offer your site 10,000 visitors for 5 dollars!!

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