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SEO Interview Question Review | CT AdWords

SEO & SEM Questions I’ve Been Asked

Describe your digital marketing experience relative to social management and development?

Handed the keys to a poorly constructed Google Adwords account on my first day, I built it up to become a major Google advertiser while continually evolving campaigns and channels to increase ROI and ROAS.  An early promoter of SEO after discovering the company websites from organic traffic was zero due to duplicate content penalty by the search engines.  Formed and managed the SEO strategy of link building and content marketing.

What type of digital media experience do you have including display, search, social, and content marketing?

Managed and expanded Google Adwords PPC campaigns and accounts for over nine years for TicketNetwork. Was an early adopter of social media with content marketing. Created, built-up, marketed and managed business accounts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social channels.  12 years experience link building to promote company websites.  3 years experience using and analyzing Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads, Analytics and post scheduling with Hoot Suite and Buffer.  Attended Internet marketing conventions networking and meeting with vendors.  Published content on a daily basis to company’s external news blog.

Please provide an example of a digital marketing implementation that supported strategic initiatives from other departments? In addition, what were your responsibilities or involvement?  

Involved in the start-up and building of TicketNetwork, a major competitor of in the ticket resale industry.  Worked with and distributed concert ticket event on sales and other key news to the marketing, sales, IT and other departments. Created weekly concert ticket on sale list for distribution to all departments to prepare for expected spikes or declines in traffic. Made daily, weekly and yearly sales projections using market research and Google Analytics.

Do you have experience managing all activities related to social advertising? (Please explain)

12+ years of solid Digital & Social Marketing experience implementing and managing SEO, Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook ads. Performed SEM including content creation, keyword and competitor research, link building and scheduling and publishing to social channels.  Viewed as an SEO & Google Adwords expert, I helped construct SEO, SEM, Facebook, and Twitter strategies.  12 years experience with keyword research and development including competitor research with online keyword websites.  Used Google Analytics on a daily basis to analyze website traffic data to build up current channels and discover new ones.

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